Domaine Stoddart on Lac Nilgaut is situated in the Pontiac region of Quebec. There are two routes available, the Swisha route and the Jim’s Lake Road route. The Swisha route is the shorter of the two and there is more opportunity to see Moose and other wildlife along that route. The Jim’s Lake Road route is a longer but straighter road. Depending on rainfall and traffic, either road can become somewhat rough; on the whole Jim’s Lake Road is smoother than the Swisha.

From Ottawa, take hwy 417 west to Rolphton, ON (apx. 260 kms), take the bridge to Rapides des Jochimes, QC (aka Swisha). Look for signage of Air Swisha and Rapid des Jochimes. Go through the town of Rapides des Jochimes and turn right on ch. Demoines into the ZEC Rapides des Jochimes, stop at the ZEC office to check in, there is a $8.00 charge to use the ZEC roads. It is 84KMS from the ZEC Office to Domaine Stoddart and Lac Nilgaut. Follow the yellow Lac Nilgaut directional signs, at KM 35 turn right follow road until it end, turn left onto the Jim’s Lake road, keep right at km 114, turn right off Jim’s Lake Rd. at  sign (Lac Nilgaut) Km 121 onto camp road.

Fort Colounge, QC take HWY 148 through Fort Colounge, from bridge in Fort Colounge it is 3.6km to les Chutes Colounge Rd, turn right onto les Chutes Colounge Rd, it is 4.2kms to the Jim’s Lake rd turn off, turn left onto the Jim’s Lake rd, follow Jim’s lake road all the way to KM 121; turn right off Jim’s Lake Rd. at KM 121 onto camp road.